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Winning number is 58.

Hoosier Hysteria is right around the corner! Be sure to be there on Saturday!! What chants are you looking forward to most?! We’d love to hear your input!

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Usually at Hysterical Hoosiers, we stay out of the drama of everything going on, and look forward to supporting the Hoosiers, and getting raucous crowds for the sporting events at IU. Here at Hysterical Hoosiers, we are here to assure you, STOP WORRYING. This past week a lot of the #iubb hash tags have been talking about two separate happenings in the IU world.


Some of the players in the 2012 class have gone down in the national rankings a few spots. Player rankings in high school do not spell out championships in college, or even translate to a college game. There is no reason for anybody to panic because some players went down a few rankings. We still have 4 recruits in the Top 100, no other school is anywhere close. As Hoosier Nation, we need to chill out with these rankings and continue to be excited about this 2012 class, along with gettin excited for this upcoming football and basketball seasons!


Ron Patterson posted on his Twitter, “I need a new AAU team asap…” Since then, Patterson has left Indiana Elite Team Indiana and moved on to player with Indiana Elite 1. While nobody wants to see a future recruit acting like this, and leaving his future teammates in the AAU scene, it is no time to panic. First, we need to realize Patterson is a 17-year-old kid, and was frustrated with a loss in the AAU scene. Patterson has been frustrated with his coach, and vocalized that on Twitter. While that is not the best way to go about it, it has nothing to do with Patterson’s future with IU, or any of the recruits. Once again, we just need to chill out and let these kids be kids. Some of the tweets Hoosier Nation sent Patterson after he tweeted that were classless. While Patterson did not show top-notch class, he did not open himself up to be scrutinized by grown adults simply because he was frustrated. Once again, I am not condoning Patterson posting that tweet, but I also think it was out of character for anybody that is a Hoosier to attack a kid, let alone a future recruit. Calm down people, these are kids, let them be kids.

Hoosiers 4 Life,

Hysterical Hoosiers

Zach and Tony, the creators of Hysterical Hoosiers talk all things Indiana University.  The talk about the upcoming baseball season, next year’s football season, along with reflecting on how this year’s basketball season went.  Also, Zach and Tony look ahead to the future of Indiana Basketball, and answer questions fans have posed to them.

When Hysterical Hoosiers asked the Indiana fan base to sum up the season in 160 characters (more for a couple fans), we understood what most comments would be.  It was very interesting to read how vastly different many people have a difference of opinion in HoosierNation.  Below are the tweets we received on the Hoosiers’ season thus far.

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Let the comments begin on who is to blame.  It looks as though a lot of Hoosier Nation is losing their confidence and patience with Crean.  What is your take?  Let us know in a comment or tweet.

From our friends at CrimsonCast – Join us on Saturday, as we will be podcasting LIVE from Kilroy’s on Kirkwood during the Indiana vs Illinois game.  We will be recording a pre-game podcast, starting around 11:30-11:45.  You can then stay to watch the game with Galen, Scott and the rest of the CrimsonCast universe.  We will also be recording a live postgame podcast after the game.  You are invited to come down and be on the podcast, or just come watch the game with other CrimsonCast & IU Fans.

Anybody looking for a great time, check this out!  It will be lots of fun, and you’ll have your chance to be on the podcast!

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Wisconsin Game Chants

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1. IU FREE THROWS– while IU players are shooting free throws we hold our arms in an “I” then once they make the free throw we chant “IU” while bringing our arms down into the “U.”

2. TEAM HUDDLES– when the team is in a huddle we will hold our arm up like we to are in the huddle, when they break we will chant “1, 2, 3, HOOSIERS!”

3.       If Pritchard gets a dunk, CHANT “That’s a “Pritch” Slap!

4.       If Sheehey gets a dunk, CHANT “You got Shee-bagged

5.       When Rivers is announced+when he checks in, chant “We love Riv-ers!” in honor of his senior night.

Any chant ideas for Wisconsin players, or if you have any dirt on any of the players, please send it our way.

Preliminary Purdue Chants

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Hey Hoosier Nation! Here are our preliminary chants for the Purdue game. Let us know what you like, what you don’t like, and what you would like to see added! We appreciate all feedback!

Hysterical Hoosiers Chant Sheet

Indiana vs. Purdue

February 23, 2011

1.       IU FREE THROWS– while IU players are shooting free throws we hold our arms in an “I” then once they make the free throw we chant “IU” while bringing our arms down into the “U.”

2.       TEAM HUDDLES– when the team is in a huddle we will hold our arm up like we to are in the huddle, when they break we will chant “1, 2, 3, HOOSIERS!”

3.       BANNER UP, clap clap, BANNER UP, clap clap

*Reason for this chant: Purdue has the obnoxious “Boiler Up” chant, so we will be mocking their meaningless chant with something that actually means something, banners.

4.       WHEN/IF Barlow -is shooting free throws we are going to make the choke sign and yell “Choke, Cho ke, Choke…!” or “Choke Out Barlow” clap clap clapclapclap.  Let us know which you like better.

* The reason for this chant: Kelsey Barlow was shown doing the “choke” sign to the Hoosiers last year.

5.       If Pritchard gets a dunk, CHANT “That’s a “Pritch” Slap!”

6.       If Sheehey gets a dunk, CHANT “You got Shee-bagged”

We can still use a couple more chants, so please feel free to tweet/comment to us!

Once again, these are just the preliminary chants.  All Feedback is appreciated!

Signing out,

Hysterical Hoosiers.

Zach and Tony talk about the disappointment of the Northwestern game, but appreciate all of the feedback they have gotten thus far.

Zach and Tony also look forward to the Purdue game, and unveil a couple of the chant ideas they have for the game. Stay tuned and we will update you on some chants for the game.